FLOWCast® is the new flow modeling module from Finite Solutions, Inc. FLOWCast works in conjunction with models created bySOLIDCast®. 

Flow modeling allows you to view a simulation, on the computer, showing how the molten metal will flow through gating systems and fill the casting cavity in the mold. FLOWCast models convection, conduction and radiation within the mold cavity. This allows you to analyze your casting and gating design to predict and minimize flow-related defects such as misruns due to premature solidification, or oxide formation or mold erosion due to excessive velocities during filling.

FLOWCast allows two options for modeling mold filling. The first is a Quick Simulation, which makes a few simplifying assumptions. For many processes, the Quick Simulation offers a fast and accurate way to model the flow of the liquid metal and the temperature distribution of the casting due to filling.

     Top filling an Investment Casting

The Full Simulation option is a full-featured CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation of flow, based on solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for fluid flow. With FLOWCast, you can view progressive temperature, fluid velocity and fluid pressure during the fill, from any angle of view.

FLOWCast is integrated with the SOLIDCast solidification modeling system. This means that FLOWCast uses models and meshes created with SOLIDCast. Since SOLIDCast is the world's easiest-to-use casting modeling system, flow modeling has never been easier. Just import your casting model from 3D CAD or build your model from SOLIDCast tools, mesh the model, and run FLOWCast to simulate mold filling. 

     Initial filling of Iron Casting showing metal velocity

The results from the FLOWCast simulation are used in SOLIDCast to model the final solidification of the casting, resulting in a completely integrated casting modeling system.

     Initial gate filling in Steel Sand Casting

Design and analysis of gating and mold filling with FLOWCast is as simple as solidification modeling with SOLIDCast.

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