From this page, you may download full installation packages and updates to the FSI family of software products, as well as some demonstration movies. These programs can be run in evaluation mode for a period of days. For more information about purchase of these products, contact David Schmidt ( or Larry Smiley (

The latest version of SOLIDCast is version 8.2.5. FLOWCast and OPTICast installers are included in the installation package. A download link is provided below.

You can also obtain a CD from Finite Solutions Inc, if you are a customer with a current support agreement.

You may be required to obtain new Response Codes from Finite Solutions Inc when updating the software.

Be sure to read the License Agreement before downloading. Downloading and installing the software will require accepting the terms of the agreement.


Software, Training Manuals and Utilities

Click HERE for the SOLIDCast 8 Installation package. Installation instructions. 

Click HERE for the VersionInfo document, which details changes made to the system through the 8.2.0 (July 2012) update.

Click HERE for the SOLIDCast workbook document, which is the training manual for the software.

Click HERE for the OPTICast workbook document, which is the training manual for the OPTICast module.

Click HERE for the FLOWCast workbook document, which is the training manual for the FLOWCast module.

Demonstrations for SOLIDCast and OPTICast

We have developed PowerPoint presentations to give you an overview of casting/process modeling and optimization using SOLIDCast andOPTICast. If you have PowerPoint 2000 installed on your computer, just download each presentation itself. If you need the PowerPoint Viewer, download the ZIP files.

Click HERE for the SOLIDCast PowerPoint Presentation.

Click HERE for the SOLIDCast PowerPoint Presentation and PowerPoint Viewer in compressed format.


Click HERE for the OPTICast PowerPoint Presentation.

Click HERE for the OPTICast PowerPoint Presentation and PowerPoint Viewer in compressed format.


Sample FLOWCast movies

Each file is a ZIP file, containing an .AVI movie created by FLOWCast. Click the link to download to your computer, unzip the file and double-click the file name to run the movie. Various alloys, processes, and plotting techniques are represented in these movies. If there are other examples you would like to see, please email your request to

Aluminum Permanent Mold - Velocity Vector
Copper Sand - Temperature 
Steel Sand - Direct Pour with Tracer 
Cast Iron Sand 
Investment Tree